Volume 22(38), no.2, 2017

Table of contents
Georgii A. Alekseev, Ekaterina V. Yurova
On Gaussian conditional measures depending on a parameter
Pages 1-7
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A. A. Dorogovtsev, Ia. A. Korenovska, E. V. Glinyanaya
On some random integral operators generated by an Arratia flow
Pages 8-18
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K. Imeçaoudene, D. Hamadouche
Gaussian approximation for residuals of stationary autoregressive process in Hölder norm
Pages 19-33
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Yuguang F. Ipsen, Ross A. Maller
Negative binomial construction of random discrete distributions on the infinite simplex
Pages 34-46
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Alexander V. Kolesnikov, Egor D. Kosov
Moment measures and stability for Gaussian inequalities
Pages 47-61
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B.L.S. Prakasa Rao
Optimal estimation of a signal perturbed by a mixed fractional Brownian motion
Pages 62-68
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Flavia Sancier, Salah Mohammed
On the solution of stochastic functional differential equations via memory gap
Pages 69-78
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Georgii I. Zelenov
On distances between distributions of polynomials
Pages 79-85
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