Volume 22(38), no.1, 2017

Table of contents
A. Boumahdaf
A simple analysis of a D/GI/1 vacation queue with impatient customers
Pages 1-15
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A. A. Dorogovtsev, Ia. A. Korenovska
Some random integral operators related to a point processes
Pages 16-21
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M. K. Ilienko
A note on the Kolmogorov-Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund type strong law of large numbers for elements of autoregression sequences
Pages 22-29
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Nikolay Lysenko
Maximization of functionals depending on the terminal value and the running maximum of a martingale: a mass transport approach
Pages 30-40
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Abdelatif Benchérif Madani
A limit theorem for boundary local time of a symmetric reflected diffusion
Pages 41-61
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Y. Maleki
Scale parameter estimation of discrete scale invariant processes
Pages 62-70
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Andrey Pilipenko, Vladislav Khomenko
On a limit behavior of a random walk with modifications upon each visit to zero
Pages 71-80
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M. Saburov, N. A. Yusof
p-majorizing quadratic stochastic operators
Pages 81-88
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A. Yu. Veretennikov
On convergence rate for Erlang-Sevastyanov type models with infinitely many servers (In memory and to the 90th anniversary of A.D. Solovyev (06.09.1927--06.04.2001))
Pages 89-103
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