Volume 21(37), no.2, 2016

Table of contents
S. J. Dilworth, Duncan Wright
A direct proof of the reflection principle for Brownian motion
Pages 1-3
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V. V. Fomichov
A note on weak convergence of the n-point motions of Harris flows
Pages 4-13
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Zakhar Kabluchko, Alexander Marynych
Renewal shot noise processes in the case of slowly varying tails
Pages 14-21
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Alexander V. Kolesnikov, Nikolay Lysenko
Remarks on mass transportation minimizing expectation of a minimum of affine functions
Pages 22-28
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Ming Liao
Markov processes and group actions
Pages 29-57
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Sylvie Roelly, Pierre Vallois
Convoluted Brownian motion: a semimartingale approach
Pages 58-83
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G. V. Riabov
A representation for the Kantorovich--Rubinstein distance defined by the Cameron--Martin norm of a Gaussian measure on a Banach space
Pages 84-90
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Pietro Rigo, Hermann Thorisson
Transfer theorems and right-continuous processes
Pages 91-95
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Ya. V. Tsaregorodtsev
Asymptotic normality of element-wise weighted total least squares estimator in a multivariate errors-in-variables model
Pages 96-105
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