Volume 24(40), no.2, 2019

Table of contents
O. Aryasova, A. Pilipenko
On exponential decay of a distance between solutions of an SDE with non-regular drift
Pages 1-13
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B. Chikvinidze
New proof of the Novikov criterion using backward stochastic differential equations
Pages 14-16
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B. I. Kopytko, R. V. Shevchuk
The nonlocal conjugation problem for one-dimensional parabolic equation with discontinuous coefficients and associated Feller semigroup
Pages 17-31
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Tetyana Kosenkova, Alexei Kulik, Ilya Pavlyukevich
First order convergence of weak Wong-Zakai approximations of Lévy-driven Marcus SDEs
Pages 32-60
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Hoang-Long Ngo, Marc Peigné
Limit theorem for perturbed random walks
Pages 61-78
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O. O. Prykhodko
The limit behaviour of random walks with arrests
Pages 79-88
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I. S. Stamatiou, N. Halidias
Convergence rates of the Semi-Discrete method for stochastic differential equations
Pages 89-100
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