Volume 27(43), no.1, 2023

Table of contents
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3842/tsp-2023-27(43)-1
N.N. Ganikhodjaev
Description of all limit distributions of some Markov chains with memory 2
Pages 1-10
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Anastasiia Hrabovets
Feynman diagrams and their limits for Bernoulli noise
Pages 11-30
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O. O. Kurchenko, O. O. Syniavska
Consistent Estimates of the Parameters of the multiparameter fractional Brownian motion
Pages 31-40
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Andrey Sarantsev
IID Time Series Testing
Pages 41-52
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V. K. Yuskovych
On asymptotic behavior of solutions of stochastic differential equations in multidimensional space
Pages 53-66
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