Volume 18(34), no.1, 2012

Table of contents
To the memory of V.V. Buldygin
Gerold Alsmeyer, Andrea Winkler
Metabasins -- a State Space Aggregation for highly disordered Energy Landscapes
Pages 3-44
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S. Alvarez-Andrade
Perturbed self-intersection local time
Pages 45-57
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A.B. Kharazishvili
Ergodic measures and the definability of subgroups via normal extensions of such measures
Pages 58-64
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Seiji Hiraba
Independent Infinite Markov Particle Systems with Jumps
Pages 65-85
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T. I. Kosenkova
Weak convergence of a series scheme of Markov chains to the solution of a Lévy driven SDE
Pages 86-100
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Alexei M. Kulik, Daryna D. Soboleva
Large deviations for one-dimensional SDE with discontinuous diffusion coefficient
Pages 101-110
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A. Pogorui
The distribution of random motion in semi-Markov media
Pages 111-118
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M. V. Tantsiura
On the generalization of the McKean--Vlasov equation to the case where the total mass of particles is infinite
Pages 119-127
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