Volume 21(37), no.1, 2016

Table of contents
V. I. Bogachev, A. F. Miftakhov
On weak convergence of finite-dimensional and infinite-dimensional distributions of random processes
Pages 1-11
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Alexander Iksanov, Serguei Polotskiy
Tail behavior of suprema of perturbed random walks
Pages 12-16
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A. V. Ivanov, I. V. Orlovsky
Asymptotic normality of linear regression parameter estimator in the case of random regressors
Pages 17-30
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B. I. Kopytko, R. V. Shevchuk
On Feller semigroups associated with one-dimensional diffusion processes with membranes
Pages 31-44
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S. M. Krasnitskiy, O. O. Kurchenko
Baxter type theorems for generalized random Gaussian processes
Pages 45-52
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G. M. Molyboga
An analogue of the Berry-Esseen theorem for functionals of weakly ergodic Markov processes
Pages 53-63
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M. M. Osypchuk
On some perturbations of a symmetric stable process and the corresponding Cauchy problems
Pages 64-72
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N. V. Prokhorenko (Kruglova)
On some generalizations of the results about the distribution of the maximum of the Chentsov random field on polygonal lines
Pages 73-83
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O. O. Synyavska
Interval estimation of the fractional Brownian motion parameter in a model with measurement error
Pages 84-90
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M. V. Tantsiura
On strong solutions to countable systems of SDEs with interaction and non-Lipschitz drift
Pages 91-101
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