Volume 19(35), no.2, 2014

Table of contents
S. Alvarez-Andrade
Erdös-Rényi law for the local time of the hybrid process
Pages 1-9
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Andrey Dorogovtsev, Mikhail Popov
Geometric entropy in Banach spaces
Pages 10-30
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E. V. Glinyanaya
Semigroups of m-point motions of the Arratia flow, and binary forests
Pages 31-41
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M. M. Osypchuk, M. I. Portenko
One type of singular perturbations of a multidimensional stable process
Pages 42-51
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Andrey Pilipenko, Maksym Tantsiura
On the strong existence and uniqueness to a solution of a countable system of SDEs with measurable drift
Pages 52-63
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G. V. Riabov
Itô-Wiener expansion for functionals of the Arratia's flow n-point motion
Pages 64-89
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Markus Riedle
Radonifying operators and infinitely divisible Wiener integrals
Pages 90-103
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