Volume 20(36), no.1, 2015

Table of contents
A. A. Dorogovtsev, O. L. Izyumtseva
On self-intersection local times for generalized Brownian bridges and the distance between step functions
Pages 1-13
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V. V. Fomichov
Evolution of moments of isotropic Brownian stochastic flows
Pages 14-27
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Jean-Sébastien Giet, Pierre Vallois, Sophie Wantz-Mézières
The logistic S.D.E.
Pages 28-62
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E. V. Glinyanaya
Krylov-Veretennikov representation for the m-point motion of a discrete-time flow
Pages 63-77
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I. A. Korenovska
Random maps and Kolmogorov widths
Pages 78-83
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A. V. Marynych
A note on convergence to stationarity of random processes with immigration
Pages 84-100
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